Our 3rd week of Spring Family Menu Ideas includes 6 complete dinners to satisfy grownups and kids, alike.  For our crew, this menu will start on Saturday and run through Thursday since we’ll be heading out of town on Friday for Memorial Day.  We’re hoping to invite some of our new neighbors over for dinner on Saturday night to enjoy the Smoked Pork BBQ!

Many of ingredients needed for these meals are on sale at Harris Teeter this week.  Because we start this week off a little “meat heavy”, we’ve got some lighter (but still very satisfying) vegetarian options mid-week.

And before you say anything, yes – we eat a lot of cheese in our house!

Download and print out this handy dandy all-in-one printable menu and grocery list.


*More recipes coming soon! I realize it’s hard to shop and cook the same meals without recipes.  I “wing” most of what I make, so until I write down my own recipes and the modifications to the ones I actually use, these weekly menus are really “ideas”.  Thanks for your patience while these features (and recipes) are developing!